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About Us

Natureway Farm Market supports locally-produced food and products and many of our suppliers are small companies like us.  

Natureway Farm Market opened in June, 2009. It is a fully independent retail grocery outlet. Independent means our store listens to what customers want and adjust products accordingly. Currently, Natureway Farm Market focuses on Local, Natural, Organic, Specialty and traditional types of food.

When it comes to local produce, you will find what your are looking for at Natureway Farm Market. Since the store partnered with selected small local produce growers, you can always get local fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. Natureway Farm market's primary goal is to provide the best locally grown products wherever possible, and give preference to Canadian products over imported goods. The store has  “Grower Direct” suppliers for peaches, apples, pickling cucumber, corn, blueberries, winter squash, coronation grapes, skookum grapes, and BC interior dry belt potatoes. During the summer season, you will find the produce section is full of local berries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, prunes, plums, pickling cucumber, etc. 

Natureway Farm Market is a true mixture of organic, natural, specialty and conventional items. From Nature’s Path organic cereal to Seventh Generation, Nature Clean, and other cleaning products, to Polish pickling cucumbers, and Slovakia wafers, cookies and biscuits, you can also find a large selection of British chocolate, canned foods and sweets.